PAULA SANGELEER: Paula is well known
throughout radio circles between DC and The
Shore.  And she even has a voice credit for a
video game!  Paula is also the world's greatest
Cowboy Mouth fan!  Click on the site to hear
Paula's voice demos.   She sounds awesome...
Personal Faves Page 2
INVINCAKID.COM:  This is an internet store that sells
all sorts of child locator devices.   Going to Ocean
City is a great time with the family.  But sometimes
the boardwalk could be a bit overwhelming
especially if you have toddlers.   Now of course, no
electronic device is a replacement for adult
supervision.  But a few of the things at this store can
really give you that extra level of safety for your
child just in case.  Click on and see the various child
locators.  There's something for every budget!  I
spoke with the store owner, Nara King, and she
really cares about the products she sells.
SHARI  ELLIKER...Again????  Yep.  Just learned
that Shari has landed the mid-day time slot on
WBAL AM 1090 in Baltimore (9A-12P).  Click on the
link and see more of Shari's bio.  And you can
even listen live with streaming audio!   My
question to you, Shari, is between WBAL and XM
Satellite, when do you have time to sleep?  (By
the way, the WBAL site is under construction!)
Alexander Piela puts together his personal favorite links.  The might not have anything to do with Ocean City, MD, but they are very interesting.  Learn about ways to track your child while you are on the
boardwalk.  Also more news about Shari Elliker!
THE OFFICE/Big Convention in Scranton:  I
knew The Office was a big show in Northeast
PA.  But after going back home for my sister's
wedding last October, I couldn't believe what a
big hit it is!  My best friend, Ed Pikulski, is
director of Internet Operations for
Scranton Times/Tribune
, and the newspaper  
sponsored this convention.  The convention
was a huge hit!  And my friend Ed was busier
than he ever expected!

To keep some semblance of a tie-in to my
website, here's an FYI to any Marylanders
reading this link.  A huge amount of the visitor
population in Ocean City every summer comes
from the Scranton area. This link is not "dead",
but I'm camping on it until next year's
Okay children, this man isn't really "in jail".  This
is what's called a "comedy joke".  He is only
"pretending".  Just being "silly".  Although
looking at this, I would think "subconsciously"
he feels he belongs in jail for all the things he
has done "with firearms".  But then again,
thinking back to the "old days" with Tim, I'd be in
jail with him.  Ha ha.  Allllll just "comedy jokes".  
Tim does afternoon drive at KGB 92.5, and is
Music Director as well.   Check out his page on
the radio station site!
Andy Palumbo
Andy Palumbo / WNEP TV 16: I've known Andy
since my illustrious days at Marywood College.  
He is now an illustrious reporter on WNEP-TV 16.  
Did you know Bill O'Reilly used to work there?  
And I hear Andy has his original office chair!  
Really!  That makes Andy write such an
illustrious blog!  Click his picture to read his blog.