This site belongs to my brother, Joe.  He makes swords,
armor, etc.  Did you ever wonder where all those cool
things from the Renaissance Fair come from?  Joe also
makes everything from Ancient Rome to Colonial times.  
Take a walk back in history, look at Joe's site!
There's this movie called ANCANAR, see?  And it is
an independent production, but it has yet to be
picked up by a big studio.  As you can see from the
link icon above, that gentleman is wearing armor.  
And my brother, Joe, made all the armor for the
film!  Click the link, then watch the little trailer in
the center right of the page.  You'll be pretty
impressed with my brother.  I am!
guy in the picture is a mean looking Civil War veteran,
well, I could lie and say, "Yeah. he is!"  But it's actually
my friend Bill Styple.  His company Belle Grove
Publishing puts out some of the best history materials
in book
and DVD form.  And on any given weekend,
chances are you can go to the visitor center in
Gettysburg and meet Bill as he sits and signs books.  If
you look closely, you can see Bill in a few close-ups in
the movie "Gettysburg".
RAILFAN.NET: This is the end-all and be-all of railroader
websites.  If you are into model railroading, railroad
photography, or "railfanning" (some call it
"trainspotting") this is the site to bookmark.  I've linked
to my favorite part.  A forum about a now defunct railroad
that begins with the word "Erie" and ends in
"Lackawanna".  FYI : A big secret here- my user name is
Alexander Piela puts
together his personal
favorite links.  The might
not have anything to do
with Ocean City, MD, but
they are very interesting.   
This is the first radio where I had my first real job.  It's in
my hometown of Scranton, PA.  And if that rings a bell,
yes, it's the town where the hit, award-winning,
laugh-riot, NBC hit show "The Office" takes place.  And
yes, the stars of the show come to town quite often.  And
if you click on this site, you will probably see  any number
of links to "The Office".  Oh yeah, and did I tell you it's a
really good radio station? (at least since Dave left)  Be
sure to click on the link for the morning guys, Daniels
and Webster
(click here).  Listen to all their funny audio.  
And for some reason, that guy Bob Nesbo sounds like me!
Click glowing image
to the left to see a
video and picture of a
custom Rat Fink
Jack-O-Lantern done
by Yours Truly!
My personal resume webpage.  Vital
statistics, et. al. toward the front,
but for those of you who are
interested, delve further into the
gallery for some neat surprises!
"Why is that green rat on your website?"  You might have
asked yourself that question.  The R.F. on his belly could
stand for "Realtor's Friend". But it's actually for Rat Fink.  
The guy in the picture above is Ed "Big Daddy" Roth,
creator of Rat Fink.  I guess as a kid, the Rat Fink t-shirts
put the hook in me, and the fun culture of cars, and
surfing kind of rubbed off.  Click the link above to see a
trailer for "Tales of the Rat Fink" starring John Goodman,
Jay Leno, Brian Wilson and Ann Margaret just to name a
few.  (It's an embedded YOU TUBE video, so it sometimes
takes a bit to load up.  But it's worth the wait!)  And I
guess if there were a part of the site to show off some of
my computer art work, you can see some of my Rat Fink
"PhotoShop Practice" by clicking right